Bill Jenkins’ “Grumpy’s Toy XIV” Nostalgia Mountain Motor Match Race Outlaw Pro Stock Monza is resurrected!

BillJenkinsThe legendary Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins, drag racing pioneer in the Pro Stock Division is known for his innovative ideas and applications in Pro Stock Racing. Back in the early seventies when Chrysler dominated the Pro Stock Division with Hemi Cuda’s and Dusters, Bill Jenkins changed Pro Stock forever and made history with his small block Chevrolet Vega capturing many NHRA event wins. Subsequently, from 1976 through 1978 Bill built three Monzas utilizing the newer body style for more aerodynamic efficiency to compete in Pro Stock. Two were legal for NHRA events and one was a Monster Big Block required for the lucrative and highly popular match race circuit.”Grumpy’s Toy XIV” was campaigned throughout the country from 1977 through 1980 and driven by Bill Jenkins and Larry Lombardo. This Monza was outfitted with a 500 CI Mountain Motor at that time. This car is reported to have run a best time of 7.975 at 166.66 MPH. As a tribute to Bill Jenkins, Tom Bryan has resurrected this piece of history and updated it to present safety standards while keeping it as period correct as possible including the 500 CI Motor. Tom continues to match race and show “Grumpy’s Toy XIV” across the country. He is available for Nostalgia Pro Stock Match Races and events. Owner and driver Tom Bryan can be seen frequently match racing “Hemi Fred” Ristagno who owns and drives the original Sox and Martin Nostalgia Pro Stock Duster. When these two cars face off it brings the spectators to their feet!