The legendary Grumpy’s Toy XIV Pro Stock Monza will be on display at the Summernationals in Englishtown NJ on June 4,5,6, and 7. There will be custom T- Shirts and photos  available.

ENJ15-06-1920x1080At Raceway Park -YOU CAN RACE!
Check out the Drag Racing, Road Course, Karting & Motocross Practice and Race Schedules for Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays that cater to both Novice and Pros!! As always, Beginners are welcome!!! Race on the same track as the Pros in your ride!! Call and s peak to one of our staff, who are happy to assist you with your thrilling day at Raceway Park!! CLICK HERE to Contact Us. We’re eager to hear from you!! To speak with Customer Service, Please Call 732-446-7800 (M – F, 9AM – 5PM). For the RP HOTLINE featuring current event details, and weather updates please call us at 732-446-6370.