Tom had a great day at Larry Lombardo Day July 9th at Beaver Springs! Beaver Bob did a great job of hosting the event and has one of the nicest tracks in the country! The Grumpy’s Toy XV Camaro and Larry’s fist race car, the Buckshot Corvette were present on display along with the original Grumpy’s Toy IV owned by Vicki Bolla and Dale Carvender. Wayne and Judy Meli were also present for a great day! Check out the pictures of Larry along with his beautiful Wife Sharon and their beautiful Daughter Becky with her fiance Eric!!! Tom was challenged to a match race by legendary Pro Stock Driver Dick Estevez.Tom suited up and took the Jenkins Camaro to the staging lanes. Dick’s Son, Matt Estevez took the wheel of the Daddy Warbucks 1965 Falcon and lined up with Tom. The Grumpy’s Toy XV Camaro was giving away approximately 600 HP to the Daddy Warbucks Falcon but it was still a great run!!! Special thanks to Wayne and Tommy Jr. for assisting in getting the Camaro ready for the run and Vicki for the videos!

If you ever get the opportunity to meet Larry and talk to him, don’t miss it! Larry is one of the most knowledgeable and nicest guys ever! He was there and lived it! he has great stories about Bill Jenkins and their time together. Larry is known as one of the top ten best Pro Stock Drivers of all time!

Enjoy The Videos!